VPN Installation Instructions for Android devices

Though the Android platform is not officially supported by Comtech, this document (provided by Cisco) provides a guide for configuring specific devices that use the Android platform.

For all of the AnyConnect clients, the server address you will connect to is “vpn.ncsu.edu

If Your Device Install

Is one of the Supported Android Devices, Cisco provides brand-specific AnyConnect packages that offer full-featured VPN connections for the Android OS.

These brand-specific AnyConnect clients are provided in partnership with device vendors and are the preferred AnyConnect clients for supported devices.

For Samsung devices, Cisco provides two AnyConnect packages for compatibility:

The Samsung AnyConnect  package applies to devices produced or upgraded after September 2011.

The Samsung AnyConnect Legacy  package applies to older devices (produced before September 2011) that have not received an upgrade.

For HTC devices, Cisco provide two AnyConnect packages for compatibility.  Please visit this link to determine which AnyConnect package to download based on which product line you are using

For Motorola devices install Motorola AnyConnect .

Is running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later, Cisco provides an AnyConnect client that offers VPN connectivity supported by the Android VPN Framework (AVF) in Android 4.0 or later.

AVF provides only basic VPN connectivity. The AnyConnect AVF client, dependent upon these basic VPN capabilities, is unable to provide the full set of VPN features available in the brand-specific packages.

AVF AnyConnect

Note: Cisco recommends the AnyConnect AVF client for unsupported devices running Android 4.0 or later. Supported devices should use the brand-specific AnyConnect client regardless of the Android OS version.