VPN Installation Instructions for Windows

NC State Cisco AnyConnect VPN Initial Installation Instructions for Windows Machines:

You have two options, you manually download the VPN client software by visiting this link or you use the automated process below which requires either ActiveX (IE) or Java.  If the following automated method fails, you can download the VPN client software by visiting this link.

1.)  Go to https://vpn.ncsu.edu in a web browser (Firefox or Chrome is recommended for ease of installation).   If you are using a 64-bit browser, it is recommended you manually download the VPN client software.

Type your NC State Unity username and password.  Press the “Login” button.




2) The Cisco AnyConnect VPN will launch and the install will begin automatically:




3) As this web client requires either ActiveX or Java, you may be prompted to download one or both of these programs (depending on your browser) before the installer can begin. If you are prompted, click the option to Install ActiveX Control:




4) A screen will appear asking if you wish to install the AnyConnect Software by Cisco Systems as well as another screen asking you to verify the application’s digital signature.   Click the “Install” or “Run” button to begin the installation.



5) Once the client has been installed on your computer, it will automatically be configured for use. The download will automatically start the VPN Client once it has been installed and set up.




6) This screen will appear once the client connection has been established:



7)  You are now connected!  To disconnect from the VPN client, left-click the upward arrow in the bottom right of your screen and look for the icon tray icon. Right-click on the lock icon and select “Disconnect” from the menu.



8) The Cisco AnyConnect client will be added to your Start menu.   From now on, you can connect to the NCSU VPN by clicking on the “Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client” in your Start menu.



9) Launching the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client will bring up the login screen.  Make sure it says “vpn.ncsu.edu” in the “Connect to” field and press the “Select” button.



10) Please enter your username and password and press the “OK” button.