Email Infrastructure: Configuring WordPress

There are two recommended plugins for sending email via WordPress: Post SMTP or WP SMTP Config.


  • Plugin installed via normal WordPress methods
  • All configuration handled via wp-admin interface
  • Logs last 250 emails sent via site by default (can be increased or decreased)
  • Must be configured per site (either single or sub-site on a multisite network)

WP SMTP Config

  • Single PHP file included as a Must Use (MU) Plugin
  • Ideal for multisite installs
  • No settings page, configured via wp-config.php file
  • No logging
  • All email sent (including all sub-sites if configured on a multisite WordPress install) originates from same address

Multisite WordPress

If all sub-sites should send via the same email address:

  • Use the WP SMTP Config plugin.

If you want to set a default address but let sub-sites override if needed:

  • Install and configure WP SMTP Config
  • Install but DO NOT network activate Post SMTP plugins.
  • Activate and configure Post SMTP on a sub-site by sub-site basis.
  • Any email generated by the network will flow from the WP SMTP Config setup while any email generated within a specific sub-site will flow from the Post SMTP setup.

Single Site WordPress

Use the Post SMTP plugin.

Get started:

Request Google Generic

Request/Register a generic account via If you have an existing generic account that you would like to use, you are free do so. Keep Gmail sending limits in Google Workspace in mind if the generic account is used for multiple purposes.

Setup 2FA

By October 31, 2017 all Google Generic accounts must be enrolled in Google 2-Step Verification; a method of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). We recommend any Google account being used to send email from a WordPress site be configured for 2FA.

Visit to learn more about Two-Factor Authentication and to find instructions on setting up Google 2-Step Verification.

Obtain an App Specific Password

An App Specific Password is a 16 character passcode that gives and app or device permission to access your Google account. When a Google Generic is protected by 2FA, an app specific password must be used to authenticate to either of the WordPress plugins.

Visit for instructions on generating and using App Specific Passwords.

Install WordPress Plugin(s)

Depending on whether you are running a Single site install or a Multisite install of WordPress  you will need to install one or more plugins. Use the instructions below to complete your installation and configuration.