Email Infrastructure: Install WP SMTP Config

Reminder: The Google Service Team does not recommend this plugin for use on a Single Site WordPress install. Instead, please use the Postman SMTP Mailer/Email Log plugin.

  1. Download WP SMTP Config Plugin at:
  2. Unzip archive
  3. Copy wp-smtp-config.php into wp-content/mu-plugins/(Note: create the mu-plugins directory if it does not exist.)
  4. Edit wp-config.php with the following configuration:
     * WordPress SMTP server
    define('WP_SMTP_HOST',       '');
    define('WP_SMTP_PORT',       587);                            // default: 25
    define('WP_SMTP_ENCRYPTION', 'tls');                          // default: no encryption
    define('WP_SMTP_USER',       '');             // default: no user
    define('WP_SMTP_PASSWORD',   'app-specific-password');        // default: no password
    define('WP_SMTP_FROM',       'John Doe <>');  // default: no custom from address


  5. When installing on WordPress Multisite, edit your Multisite Network Settings to set the Network Admin Email to match the generic you used in wp-config.php
  6. Test your configuration by visiting Network Admin > Settings > SMTP to send a test message from the configured generic account.