IT Purchases Governance

UNC-General Administration

Developed the CPI in response to state law SB 202 and participation is mandatory for NC State and the other UNC campuses. UNC System CIOs and GA staff have created a subcommittee to oversee work with the vendors on system configurations that will meet campus needs. Justin Daves, CHASS director of Information Technology, has been appointed by CIO Marc Hoit as NC State’s representative on this committee.

NC State – Campus Oversight and Exceptions Committee

The following individuals are members of the campus IT purchasing oversight and exceptions committee:

  • Justin Daves – CHASS
  • Susan West – OIT
  • Andy Raynor – CED
  • Sharon Loosman – Purchasing

Unit Designees for Exception Processing

If authenticated, a Google Spreadsheet is available indicating the unit staff who have been designated by their dean, vice chancellor, vice provost, etc., to approve minor exceptions to the IT purchasing process for the unit and to serve as the liaison with the campus-wide exception process. Questions about the process can be sent to