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Meet-Me Audio Conferencing


 Not to be confused with AT&T Meet-Me Audio Conference rooms, which require operator assistance to set up.

Overview of Meet-Me Audio Conferencing

  • Meet-Me is a great alternative to the standard conference call whereby users must first call another party and connect (“pull”) them into the conference.
  • Meet-Me conferences can be booked when you need to have a meeting with several people in different geographical locations or when you can’t reserve a conference room.
  • Meet-Me allows hosts to simply press a softkey on their Cisco IP phone to start the Meet-Me Audio Conference, and participants call the directory number to join in. 

Meet-Me Features and Facts

  • Booking a conference room is simple!
    NC State University has 10 different Meet-Me Audio Conference rooms that can be reserved via Google Address Book.
  • Any IP phone user can initiate a Meet-Me Audio Conference session.
    No account set up or service to order!
  • Meet-Me Audio Conference rooms support up to 15 participants.
    If you need to host a meeting for more than 15, just contact a member of the UC team.
  • Meet-Me Audio Conference rooms are NOT secure.
    This means that any person could accidentally dial into the conference bridge.
    To acquire your own unpublished Meet-Me Conference bridge for your department, contact a member of the UC team.

Ready to start a Meet-Me Audio Conference? Read the Quick Reference Card for instructions.

Best of all, it’s completely FREE!

Support for Meet-Me

There is nothing to implement, and there is no cost associated with Meet-Me.
Simply log into your university email account and reserve one of the 10 Meet-Me Audio Conference rooms from the Google Address Book.

Training Resources

Meet-Me Quick Start

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Conference Now Secure Audio Conferencing

Overview of Conference Now

  • Every campus phone line has its own conferencing bridge.
  • Each bridge allows up to 15 attendees to call into your meeting without the need to pre-configure the meeting.
  • You can use any phone (including your cell phone) to connect to the Conference Now service and host or join a meeting!

Conference Now Features and Facts

  • Setting up a secure conference room is simple! Using the myphone portal to set up your conference room’s security takes just minutes, and you can change the Access Code for each meeting.
  • Any campus phone user can initiate a secure Conference Now session. No account set up or service to order!
  • Conference Now Secure Audio Conference rooms support up to 15 participants.

Ready to start a Conference Now Secure Audio Conference? Read the Quick Reference Card for instructions.

Best of all, it’s completely FREE!

Support for Conference Now

There is nothing to implement, and there is no cost associated with Conference Now.

Training Resources

Conference Now Quick Start

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Overview of Webex

  • Cisco Webex includes multiple platforms that combine audio, video, and web conferencing in one, cost-effective application.
  • Webex allows users to share files, information, or expertise from their computer, phone, or mobile device without the hassle or expense of traveling across the university’s campus or the country.

Webex Features and Facts

The Webex service provides:

  • Webex Meetings with breakout rooms and sessions that support up to 1,000 participants per session.
  • Webex Events for interactive and engaging online events, webinars, or conferences with up to 3,000 participants.
  • Webex Training for live, interactive learning sessions with breakout rooms for up to 1,000 participants.
  • Webex Support for real-time support and customer service.

In addition, there is a Webex Google Calendar add-on to schedule Webex meetings directly from Google Calendar.

Cisco Webex Assistant is a voice-activated tool with automatic note-taking, live transcription, and post-meeting follow-up capabilities. For more information about Cisco Webex Assistant, visit the following Cisco website links:

 Overview of  Webex Personal Conferencing

  • Personal Conferencing audio connection mode lets a meeting host quickly start the audio portion of a Cisco Webex meeting at any time.
  • The meeting host and participants simply dial the same call-in number, enter access codes, and the audio portion of the meeting begins.
  • The meeting host and participants can also join the online portion of the meeting, which is automatically created when the audio meeting begins, to share information or collaborate on an idea.
  • The meeting host is not required to schedule Personal Conference meetings in advance, and once generated, the access codes do not change.
  • Before you schedule or start a Personal Conference meeting, you must create a host PIN and at least one Personal Conference account.
  • For each account, the software generates unique host and participant access codes.
  • The system prompts you for these codes after you dial a call-in number to start or join a Personal Conference meeting.

Support for Webex

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If you have any questions, contact the NC State Help Desk via the NC State IT Service Portal or call 919.515.4357 (HELP).



Overview of Telepresence

  • Cisco Telepresence is an all-in-one, easy-to-use video conferencing experience designed to deliver the illusion that meeting participants in two or more locations are in the same room while providing superior video and audio.
  • Telepresence conference rooms are configured with all of the equipment needed to deploy your video conferencing at the push of a button with no configurable settings or hand-held remotes required.

Telepresence Features and Facts

  • Turn any size meeting space – from a small office to a large conference room – into a video collaboration hub.
  • See video and content simultaneously with dual screens and dual cameras (Cisco TelePresence® MX700 and MX800 Dual).
  • Telepresence solutions are designed to make participants feel as if they are in the same room by incorporating features such as Intelligent Proximity technology – attendees can access meeting presentations on their tablet or smartphone; review shared content independent of the presenter; wirelessly share content from their Mac or PC.

Support for Telepresence

  • Ordering  – Contact us to arrange for a quote.
  • Training Resources

ComTech Telepresence Device Support GuidelinesComTech Telephony Device Guideline

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