ComTech Telephony Device Guideline

ComTech Telephony Device Guideline ComTech manages and supports an enterprise-level communications platform that provides real-time communications to university stakeholders.

To maintain this level of service, we require the devices connected to our system to be specified and provided by ComTech. Additionally, we have solutions for voice calling, including audio conferencing. You can find more information about our product and service offerings on the Audio & Video Conferencing Solutions page.

We support the use of our communications platform to provide advanced services. We are open to working with our stakeholders to provide custom solutions that are outside our product offering. We appreciate being involved in communications projects early in the process.

In recent cases, we have worked with NC State’s Classtech group and local vendors to standardize on three Third-Party SIP devices that we feel work best with our telephony system. These Third-Party SIP devices are typically used in conference rooms throughout the university. The following models have been tested and verified to work on our telephony system: ClearOne VH20, BiAmp AudiaFlex-CM, and BiAmp Tesira Forte. Customers choosing any of the supported third-party SIP devices will incur a one-time hourly integration charge for the initial setup/configuration of the device on the NC State telephony system and a one-time device license charge.

Customers who wish to purchase devices not listed will be subject to additional charges. If the device only supports VOIP telephony, the customer must supply a test device that will reside in our lab. A ComTech engineer will work with the integration team to complete the configuration and testing required to bring the device online and identify any licensing costs required to connect the device to the voice infrastructure. ComTech will support only the telephony features of the device. The device will be included when testing system patches and upgrades in our lab. The device manufacturer must maintain compatibility with the voice systems, including future releases (this includes Cisco Call Manager, Cisco Unity Connections, Cisco Unified Presence, and Cisco Contact Center Express). In some cases, a firmware update may be required to satisfy compatibility. It is the customer’s responsibility to update the device’s firmware. If the device becomes incompatible with our systems, the customer will be required to replace the device at their expense. ComTech will provide training and usage documentation based on the feature set and compatibility between the device and voice systems.

Costs associated with the integration and support of Supported Third-Party Devices by ComTech

Supported Telephony Third-Party Devices:

  • ClearOne VH20, BiAmp AudiaFlex-CM or BiAmp Tesira Forte
    • Device Licensing:
      • $132 per device (one-time charge)
    • Testing & Integration:
      • Hourly Engineering Rate (one-time charge)
  • All Other Third-Party SIP Devices:
  • Test Device:
    • Provided by Customer (product specific)
  • Device Evaluation:
    • No Charge
  • Testing & Integration:
    • $2500
  • Licensing:
    • $132 per device (one-time charge)
  • Annual Support:
    • $1500