ComTech Telepresence Device Support Guidelines

ComTech manages and supports an enterprise-class communications system integrating voice, video, data, and mobility products and applications. To maintain this level of service, ComTech requires the devices connected to our system to be specified and provided by ComTech.

Cisco technologies offer telepresence devices that natively integrate with NC State’s enterprise communications system. These devices deliver the experience that meeting participants in two or more sites at completely different locations are in the same room.

You can purchase Cisco telepresence devices from ComTech. We offer support for specific Cisco models, and we work closely with our stakeholders to provide the best support possible. Stakeholders who purchase these devices will incur yearly support, setup, and integration charges for each telepresence device connected to the NC State’s enterprise communications system. You can find the explanation of costs associated with the integration and support of such devices below. In some cases, the stakeholder may also incur a port activation charge since these devices require network connectivity.

A ComTech UC engineer will work with stakeholders to determine the best possible telepresence device for the designated space or room. The device’s setup in the designated space and integration into NC State’s enterprise communications system will be performed by a ComTech UC engineer.

Cisco Telepresence Models Supported by ComTech

  • Cisco SX, MX, IX/TX, and C series devices and codecs
  • Cisco WebEx Roomkit series

Costs associated with the integration and support of Cisco Telepresence Devices by ComTech

Advance Replacement via SmartNet:

  • This cost is quoted from Cisco and varies depending on the telepresence model purchased. ComTech will coordinate warranty replacement with Cisco directly once it’s determined the telepresence unit needs repair/replacement.

ComTech Annual Support:

  • $500 per year, per telepresence device purchased.
  •  ComTech Annual Support is defined as follows:
    • Integration Support:
      • ComTech will provide integration support into NC State’s enterprise communications system for the telepresence device/s.
    • Device Software Licensing:
      • Cisco telepresence devices require a Telepresence Room License to register with Cisco Call Manager.
    • Software/Firmware Updates:
      • ComTech will perform software and firmware updates per Cisco best practices. This includes testing the software and updating the telepresence unit software. These software updates often include firmware and software updates that may include new features or functionality of the telepresence unit. These updates will be coordinated with those responsible for the telepresence device.
    • Security Patches:
      • In the event Cisco releases any security patches/updates, ComTech researches, tests, and updates the telepresence devices accordingly.