Call Center Solutions

Are you looking for an efficient way to handle your department’s call volume without adding a full-time operator?

Whether you’re a department of five looking for an automated way of getting callers to the right person, or a Call Center looking for a system that offers call recording, reporting, and the ability to tie into existing databases, ComTech has multiple solutions for these needs!


Overview of Call Center Solutions

Call Center Solutions offer efficient call volume handling within a Call Center environment by routing the incoming calls in various ways. For instance, callers can be sent to particular agents who have the skills to handle a specific customer need.

Call Centers might take calls for a variety of reasons, such as customer support, telemarketing, sales, or collections, but all Call Centers have the same primary goal – creating a positive customer experience.

Hunt Groups and Call Handlers are two options for small departments to route their incoming calls without hiring a full-time operator or investing in Automated Call Distribution (ACD) software. Call Handlers can be used in conjunction with Hunt Groups to create the most efficient call management system for small departments.

ACD software (UCCX) is another option for Call Centers of all sizes and provides more features than simple hunt groups and call handlers can provide, such as Call Recording, Metrics, and Reporting.


Products and Services

Call Handlers – Answer calls, greet callers with recorded prompts and provide them with information and options, route calls, and take messages.

Hunt Groups – Method of distributing phone calls from a single telephone number to a group of several phone lines.

ACD Software (UCCX) – Enterprise Class Call Center application with robust Call Recording, Metrics, and Reports.


Implementing a Call Center Solution

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