Hunt Groups

Overview of Hunt Groups

Hunt Groups allow incoming calls to a specific number (pilot number) to be directed to a defined group of extension numbers. Every incoming call is rotated through the pool of lines (extension numbers) until a free line is found and the caller is connected. Queuing is allowed if multiple calls come in with limited staff availability, and queue information can be viewed right on the device.

Basic reports based on call logs are available, such as ‘How many times the hunt pilot number has been called’, and ‘How the call volume is distributed among the agents’.

Implementing a Call Distribution Plan with Hunt Groups

The first phase of implementing a Hunt Group is to Contact Us and arrange a meeting to discuss your business needs.

During this meeting you can expect to consider the four different types of Hunt Groups:

  1. Broadcast – distributes a call to all idle or available members of a line group simultaneously.
  2. Circular – distributes a call to idle or available members starting from the (n+1)th member of a line group, where the nth member most recently received a call. If the nth member is the last member of a line group, the call gets distributed to the top of the line group.
  3. Longest Idle Time – only distributes a call to idle members, starting from the longest idle member to the least idle member of a line group.
  4. Top Down – distributes a call to idle or available members starting from the first idle or available member of a line group to the last idle or available member.

The second phase of implementing a Hunt Group is to create a call flow diagram that shows specifically how the hunt group will function. See below for an example design.

 Hunt Group Call Flow Diagram ChartOnce you have approved the Hunt Group design, we move into phase 3 – Implementing the Call Distribution plan.

We will begin programming based on your approved, final design and demonstrate the solution before placing it into production. Training opportunities will also be provided.



How It Works

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First, we’ll sit down to discuss your business needs and the capabilities of our systems. Not all departments are the same, so we’ll help you choose the perfect solution.



Next, we’ll design your solution.
We’ll always keep you involved in the process to ensure the final implementation works just like you want it to.



Finally, we’ll demonstrate the solution to ensure you are satisfied. Once approved and placed into production, we offer training to all involved.