Extension Mobility

Overview of Extension Mobility

Extension Mobility allows users to temporarily access their Cisco Unified IP Phone configuration such as line appearances, services, and speed dials from other Cisco Unified IP Phones. This feature is handy for users who work in different offices and require access to their primary phone line from any University phone.

Best of all, it’s completely FREE!

Implementing Extension Mobility

The first phase of implementing Extension Mobility is to Contact Us and arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.

Points to consider before the meeting:

  1. An EM profile needs to be created before the feature can be used
  2. Each phone must be enabled to use EM before a user can log into it.
  3. A user can only be logged into 1 phone at a time. Therefore, subsequent attempts to EM into additional phones will cause previous sessions to close (logout).
  4. The voice system will automatically log users out after 12 hours. This is because all EM sessions are on a 12-hour timer.

Once the EM profile has been created and all required phones are enabled, users must complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to EM and set a PIN. This unique PIN must be managed separately from any other PIN or Password associated with the University.
  2. Review the Extension Mobility User Guide.
  3. Log in to EM using their Unity ID and PIN they set up in Step 1.

Training Resources for Extension Mobility

Extension Mobility User Guide