Single Number Reach

Overview of Single Number Reach

The Single Number Reach service allows you to set one or more alternate numbers (e.g., your cell phone, home phone, or any other phone you choose) to ring simultaneously when a call comes into your campus desk phone.  In addition, Single Number Reach allows you to schedule the times you wish to receive calls.  Single Number Reach also gives you the ability to receive a call on your desk phone and seamlessly transition the call to your cell phone, or vice-versa.

Best of all, it’s completely FREE!

 Implementing Single Number Reach

  1. Visit the Self Service page to enable the service. The page will open in a new tab. **Note: VPN required to access Self Service when off-campus.
  2. Once you have enabled the service, close the tab.
  3. Refer to the Setting Up Single Number Reach section of the CUCM Self Care Portal document to customize Single Number Reach to your specific requirements.

Single Number Reach Training Resources