Change Your Voicemail PIN

You can change your Voicemail PIN online or over the phone. Please refer to the corresponding instruction set below.

Note: If you have forgotten your current PIN, you will need to set a new one online.

PIN Requirements:

  • Your PIN must contain
    • Six digits (numerals only)
  • Your PIN must not contain
    • Your primary extension or its reverse
    • All consecutive digits (e.g., 12345, 98765)
    • A digit repeated consecutively more than twice (e.g., 25888)
    • Repeated groups of three or more digits (e.g., 902902)
    • A numeric representation of your first name, last name, or any combination of them
  • You cannot reuse any of the last three PINs you have created.

Changing your Voicemail PIN Online

  1. Log in to the Personal Communications Assistant with your Unity ID and password.
  2. Click the Messaging Assistant link and then Passwords > Change PIN.
  3. Type in your New PIN and Confirm New PIN.
  4. Click Save

Changing your Voicemail PIN over the Phone

  1. Dial into the voicemail system:
  2. On-campus – Dial 26245.
  3. Off-campus – Dial 919 512 6245.
  4. When prompted, enter your current PIN.
  5. When you reach the main menu, press 4 for Setup Options.
  6. Press 3, and then press 1.
  7. When prompted, enter your new PIN.