Overview of Voicemail

NC State University provides voicemail services for the campus through Cisco Unity Connection. Using Cisco Unity Connection, users can access their voicemail messages and manage greetings and settings from the phone, email, web portal, and Cisco Jabber (requires Cisco Jabber client).

Note: ‘Unity’ in this name does not refer to the Unity campus computing environment.


Voicemail – This service is available as a part of every active campus phone number for a one-time $25 charge.


Unified Messaging – This is a function of Cisco’s Unity Connection voicemail system that allows you to receive your voicemail messages as ‘.wav’ files attached to your email. You may receive all of your messages ONLY in your email, or receive them in BOTH your voicemail box and email.

Best of all, it’s completely FREE!

Support, and Training

Implementing Unified Messaging

  1. Visit the Self Service page to enable the service. The page will open in a new tab.
  2. Once you have enabled the service, close the tab.

Voicemail Training Resources – Online tutorials, Quick Reference Guides, and FAQs.

**Note: VPN required to access voicemail.ncsu.edu when off-campus.