Proposed Airspace Policy for Non-licensed Frequencies

Wireless devices are playing an ever-increasing role in a variety of research, instructional, and administrative functions conducted at NC State University. As such, there is an acknowledgment that the wireless spectrum is an institutional resource that must be governed in a manner consistent with our mission. It is important that all consumers of the wireless spectrum have a clear understanding of the impact a particular user may have on the overall resource as well as an appreciation for the potential problems caused by the use of unauthorized devices.

This document establishes the university’s policy and jurisdiction governing the use of any device generating frequencies in the non- licensed portions of the electromagnetic spectrum for the purposes of efficient and secure use. Conflicts or security issues due to the use of the spectrum are to be resolved in a manner consistent with the mission of this University. The jurisdiction of this policy is defined as any University-owned property. Individual regulations may be developed to detail the governance of frequency ranges covered by this policy. These regulations shall state the frequency ranges governed, the authoritative body for the range, and information regarding conflict resolution.