Unity Locker Rental Service

Note: This information is being reviewed and updated

Service Type

File space – Unity Computing Environment

Description of service

Unity lockers provide additional network file space that is separate from personal Unity/Eos home directory file space. (The relationship between a person’s home directory file space and a Unity locker is similar to that between a closet at home and a rented gym locker. The person has access to both storage areas, but they aren’t in the same place.) Like Unity home directories, Unity lockers are part of the campus AFS distributed computing environment; data is backed up daily.

Groups eligible for service

NC State faculty, staff and students with active Unity accounts who need network file space (also called disk space) in addition to that allotted to their home directory may rent FTP, Additional Space and Project locker space from OIT.

Types of use

University business-related activities. Lockers may be rented in the following categories:

Locker Type Description and naming conventions
1. FTP Lockers set up for ftp are in the form userid_ftp (e.g., segreen_ftp).
2. Additional Space Lockers that are set up to provide the user with extra file space are given names in the form userid_locker (e.g., segreen_locker).
3. Project The owners of lockers set up for projects may choose a name of 9-14 characters followed by _locker (e.g., cropgrant_locker).


  • Unity lockers are rented in 100 MB increments. For current charges, see Unity Locker Fees.

To obtain service

Obtaining initial locker space:

  • To obtain an initial FTP, Additional Space or Project locker, please fill out the online application.

Obtaining additional locker space:

  • To expand existing FTP, Additional Space and Project lockers, please fill out the online application.

Deleting locker space:

  • To delete a locker, send your request to the help desk.

Rules of use

All NC State computer and network resources are governed by the Computer Use Policy.

Additional service procedure and restrictions

  • Unity Locker space may be rented only by those with an active Unity account.
  • Locker space is available in 100 MB increments only.
  • Locker fees must be paid in advance of obtaining or renewing the locker.
  • Initial fees are prorated for lockers set up after the beginning of a period.
  • At any time during the year you may request that your locker be deleted, but no refunds will be given if the locker is deleted before the end of the rental period.
  • Renewal notices will be emailed to locker owners during the month prior to payment-due dates. Failure to remit scheduled payments on time will result in removal of locker access permissions and deletion of the locker.

For more information and documentation:
For information about using Unity lockers, see Unity lockers.