www4.ncsu.edu Web Service Rules

Service name

www4.ncsu.edu Web Services


The www4 web service will end on
December 31, 2018.

At that time, sites delivered by www4 will no longer be delivered via the web.
For more information, including links to alternative services, see https://sysnews.ncsu.edu/news/5a689473.

Description of service

NC State www4 servers deliver personal web pages for the campus community. All NC State students, faculty and staff receive an allocation of personal network (AFS) file space accessible via www4.ncsu.edu as part of their Unity account privileges.

Clients eligible for service

All those with active Unity computing accounts


Personal use only

Duration of service

As long as Unity account is active


No additional cost

To obtain service

Log in with your Unity ID to the WWW4 Setup Utility to set up your www directory for web pages in your personal Unity file space. URLs for www4 web pages take the form
ID ]

Rules of use

All NC State computer and network resources, including www4 servers, are governed by Administrative Regulations – Computer Use. Section III, Personal Use applies particularly to use of www4. In summary, all uses of www 4

  • Must comply with all federal and state laws and the policies, directives and regulations of the UNC System and NC State.
  • Must NOT overload or impede University computing and networking systems. See also Peer-to-peer file sharing annual notice,
  • Must NOT result in commercial gain or private profit or contain paid advertising.
  • Must NOT violate copyright, trademark laws or university licensing agreements. See Copyright.
  • Must NOT violate laws or University policies against race, sex, religious, disability, or age discrimination, or harassment.
  • Must NOT result in any direct cost to the university.
  • Must NOT state or imply university sponsorship or endorsement.
  • Must include the following disclaimer: “The material located at this site is not endorsed, sponsored or provided by or on behalf of North Carolina State University.”

Additional service  restrictions

  • www4 services do not include providing restricted access (password protection) to web based information. Those who need to limit access to their personal web sites may contact the NC State Help Desk. Email help.ncsu.edu or telephone 515-HELP(4357).
  • www4 services do not include “server-side includes” or cgi-bin services.

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