Pricing and Billing

Virtual Machine Hosting

The following table represents OIT’s virtual machine pricing for vCPU and memory. Custom sizes and configurations are available as needed.

Virtual Machine Size vCPU Memory (GiB) Annual VM charge 50 Disk(GiB)
IO Optimized
Total Annual VM+IO optimized
Small 1.0 1 1 $98.49 $115 $213.49
Small 2.0 1 2 $178.14 $115 $293.14
Medium 1.0 2 2 $449.05 $115 $564.05
Medium 2.0 2 4 $608.36 $115 $723.36
Medium 3.0 2 8 $926.97 $115 $1041.97
Large 1.0 4 4 $926.14 $115 $1041.14
Large 2.0 4 8 $1,244.75 $115 $1359.75
Large 3.0 4 16 $1,881.98 $115 $1996.98
XL 1.0 4 24 $2,519.20 $115 $2634.20
XL 2.0 6 24 $2,830.37 $115 $2945.37


Recommended storage for Operating systems begins at 50G for Virtual machine environments.

Two types of storage offerings are available

  • IO Optimized ($2.30/GiB per year)
    This is the default tier required to deliver the best performance in a shared environment
  • Capacity Optimized ($1.40/GiB per year)
    For less disk IO intensive servers. Note: If Cap Op storage is chosen, but it adversely impacts the storage or virtual infrastructure, it will be switched to IO Optimized storage with the appropriate price adjustment.


  • 2017 Billing will be done in the first half of the fiscal year.
  • Customers will need to provide necessary FAS and OUC codes for proper billing.
  • We cannot accept “Ledger 5” Research funding.
  • Customer meetings will occur bi-annually to review the service and related expenses.

Recommendations & Best Practices

When sizing VM’s, the virtualization best practice suggests starting with a lower number of vCPU and adding when indicated by monitoring the service and review of analysis tools. A large number of vCPUs can have a negative impact on the virtual machine as the hypervisor has to allocate resources for the requesting process.  The OIT VM service allows for “Hot-Add” of vCPUs and Memory which means we can grow your resources as needed without any downtime of your server.

Managed Support

OIT offers support through Hosted Services unit to assist departments and colleges with managing their departmental application servers.

Getting Help

Contact Platform Compute Services.