Web Conferencing Tools Comparison

The following table lists the features and capabilities of three video conferencing resources available at NC State. For additional information on one of these, click on the link in its column heading.

Feature Zoom Google Hangouts Meet
.edu version
WebEx Meetings Server
(see WebEx)
Cisco Cloud WebEx
(includes Cisco WebEx Teams)
Maximum participants
  • 100 (Meeting)
  • 500 (Large Meeting)
  • 500 (Webinar)
Video: 50
Air: No limit
125 200
Cost No cost for Zoom Meetings.

DELTA has a limited # of Large Meetings and Webinars available for loan. Additionally, people may purchase additional capabilities/features from Zoom if needed. Contact LearnTech for details.

No charge to end user $5, $10 or $50
(see ComTech Service Rates: WebEx)
$360 (1yr commitment)
Share screen & apps Yes Yes Yes Yes
Use with mobile devices Yes Yes Yes Yes
Text chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
sketch pad
Yes Yes, if Jamboard is presented/shared Yes Yes and with WebEx Teams Board
Multiple participants
can edit document
in real time
Yes Via Google Doc Yes Yes
Document annotation Yes No Yes Yes
File transfer Yes No Yes Yes
Audio participation Yes
  • Via computer audio
  • Via telephone
  • Via mobile app
  • Via computer audio
  • Via telephone
  • Via mobile device
  • Via computer audio
  • Via telephone
  • Via mobile device
Secure telephone
Yes Yes Yes Yes
OS compatibility Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android Mac, Windows,
Linux, iOS, Android
Mac, Windows, iOS, Android Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android
Software needed Yes, although participants can join via browser with limited capabilities.
  • Web browser
    (Chrome or Firefox only) or mobile app
Web browser install plugin No plug-in required. Start via browser.
Polling Yes No Yes Yes
Session recording Yes Available only with
Hangouts on Air
Yes Yes (MP4 format)
Live streaming Meeting (Workplace by Facebook)

Webinar (Facebook, YouTube, Workplace by Facebook, Custom Streaming Service)

Live public YouTube video
using Hangouts on Air
Requires link or
meeting info
Requires link or
meeting info
Meeting creation ncsu.edu email address required (Can be generic email) Google account required Unity ID required ncsu.edu email address required
(Can be generic email)
Non-NC State participants Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keyboard-only accessibility Yes Keyboard shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts
Integration with learning
management system
(has Moodle plugin)
Yes No No Yes


Integration with
Google Calendar
Yes Yes, can schedule
within Calendar
Yes, appointment appears
on Calendar with
meeting information
Yes, appointment appears
on Calendar with
meeting information
Facilitator or
moderator role
Yes Available only with
Hangouts on Air
Yes Yes
Subset of participants
can have private meeting,
then return to full session
Yes No Yes Yes
Quiz can be administered
during a session
Yes No No No
Moderator can
set up content
before session starts
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Session reports Yes In Hangouts On Air,
event organizer
can see participant list
Yes Yes
Provide Remote
Desktop assistance
Yes No Yes Yes
Multi-point Video Bridge included Yes No No Yes
Video Conferencing Room Integration   Yes Integration with Jamboard and Hangouts Meet hardware Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) – Room System or software-based client)

How these tools might be used

  • Your four-person campus working group is revising a document. Rather than driving across campus and finding parking, you use Google Hangouts Meet to set up a video call to discuss and work on the document together.
  • You want to use Google Calendar to schedule a meeting among three participants who do not have Javascript-enabled Web browsers, so you select Google Hangouts Meet.
  • As a pathology professor, you want to show real-time video microscopy to a group of students and colleagues. The high-quality video provided by WebEx Meetings Server allows you to share very detailed images in real time.
  • You have to schedule a training session for regulatory personnel in all 100 North Carolina counties. Knowing that several of them cannot attend in person but can participate by phone, you decide to use WebEx Meetings Server.  You can also record the session and share it with all the invitees to view at their leisure.