Costs & Contracts


The cost of the cPanel web hosting service is $27 per month and is pro-rated over the fiscal year. All Web hosting accounts come with 10 GB of space, with the option to purchase more as needed. Learn more about purchasing additional quota below.

Once your cPanel account is created you will receive an email reply containing your basic account information. In addition, OIT will send a link to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) form for the account owner to complete so that payment and accounting information can be submitted.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

OIT administers (manages) the Web hosting service and hosts it here on campus. The SLA is generated by OIT on a fiscal year basis and will outline the cost, policies, restrictions, and other information needed. Any support contract that you may enter into with OIT-OCC Design and Web Services will be covered in a separate SLA. Please read our policies and terms as outlined in our Service Level Agreement overview.

Additional space (Quota)

Additional space can be purchased in increments of 10 GB at a cost of $32 per year, and will be pro-rated over the fiscal year.  Submit a help ticket at the NC State Help Desk and provide us with the following information:

  1. The phrase “Additional cPanel Web Hosted Space” in the subject line
  2. Your name and email address
  3. Requesting Unit
  4. Account name
  5. Bookkeeper’s name
  6. Account number
  7. Amount of space you wish to purchase (in 10 GB increments)

Add-on Domains

Add-on domains are available and up to 5 are included in the base price for a cPanel instance.  Any additional add-on domains above 5 (with a max of 20) will incur a cost of $10/year.

Other Service Options

Some users may want additional services such as a dedicated IP depending on their site needs. For more information about the availability and costs of additional services, please visit the NC State Help Desk.