cPanel Migration

OIT Web Services is in the process of migrating cPanel accounts to new servers. This transition will take place over the next few months, with the goal of completing all migrations by December 2017.

We will be communicating with account owners as we transition each server; please keep an eye on email for important information. As per standard we will be posting to SysNews before and after each migration and in case of any issues. You can also refer to this site for updates to the process and helpful FAQs.

If you have questions or run into issues during this process please contact Web Services directly: Thanks!

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Migration Process

  1. OIT Web Services contacts you to let you know that it’s your turn for migration to a shiny new cPanel server.
  2. We migrate a copy of your cPanel account with all content to a the new server. At this point you will need to access the server to test for any issues in the new environment. In order to test your domain(s) on the new server you will need to edit your local “hosts” file to force your machine to resolve the domain(s) from the new IP address. Follow the instructions ‘How to modify your hosts file‘ to apply the updated IP address.
    Be sure to review the “Action Items for Account Owners” to identify the major issues that should be addressed.
    Please note that this test environment will not retain any changes made during the testing period. Anything done to your test account or the site(s) within will need to be re-applied once the final migration is complete.
  3. If everything is awesome, let us know that you’re ready to go live! We will work with you to establish the best time for the final migration.
  4. If you don’t communicate with us within one week of the initial email we will complete the migration automatically, at a time of our choosing. We will email account owners once this migration is complete.

Action Items for Account Owners

Final account transfers will be performed 1. after the account owner has confirmed they’re ready and communicated a preferred time or, 2. automatically one week after the initial migration to the test server. It may be possible to delay if there are major issues identified during testing, however it is critical that you communicate with the Web Services staff about your needs. Thank you!

We ask that you discuss the following items with your content developers:

  • Do you have any applications that are dependent on the actual IP address of the server your cPanel account is currently hosted from? (See the “Server IP Address Will Change” section below)
  • Are there any concerns with upgrading from PHP 5.5 to 7.1? (See “Upgrading PHP” section below)
  • Do you need to update your Shibboleth rules in your .htaccess file(s)? (See “Updating Shibboleth Rules” section below
  • When is an appropriate time to transfer the account? (See “Scheduling Time for Account Transfer” section below)

How will this impact me?

Transferring an account requires a short period of time for the account data to be migrated to the new server and for the DNS records to be updated to the new server’s hostname. Assuming you’ve done testing and are prepared for the transition, there should be little to no impact to your site(s) during the move.

If there are issues we encourage you to login and try to correct the problem in the new environment. In the case of major issues you may email to request that we revert your site to the old environment. Please note that it will take at least 30 minutes to revert to the old server due to the schedule of DNS updates on campus.

What’s the difference between the old and new servers?

 Old cPanel Platform New cPanel Platform
easyapache v. 3 v. 4
Apache v. 2.2 v. 2.4
PHP only 5.5 5.6, 7.0, 7.1
(user selectable)
PHP opcache n/a Installed for all versions of PHP
Server Configuration
n/a Puppet

What’s involved with a cPanel account migration?

Server IP Address Will Change

The actual IP address of the hosted server will be different. The change of the IP address may be significant to account owners who are using IP address-based firewall rules to allow access from a specific cPanel server.

Account owners are responsible for communicating their need for IP address information if their account has been identified as one that will be transferred.

Upgrading PHP

The new cPanel environment will have three versions of PHP available: 5.6, 7.0, and 7.1. Please note that PHP 5.6 and 7.0 will no longer be supported after December 2018.

The default PHP version on the new server will be 7.1. To change the version of PHP for one or more of the domains hosted in your cPanel account please go to your cPanel Dashboard then look in Software > MultiPHP Manager. Here you can select the domain you want to update, then the version of PHP you want to use for that domain.

Updating Shibboleth Rules

For some, the .htaccess file(s) in your cPanel account may not work on the new server. The most likely issues are related to Shibboleth apache statements and Shib attribute rules (i.e. ‘shib-attr’). Please use the Shibboleth Docs for help updating these rules.

Scheduling Time for Account Transfer

Coming soon.