PTS Group

PTS (protection server) offers you a way to grant a group of users access to the files in a directory (folder). Each PTS group has an owner and can contain many users. In some cases, the owner of a PTS group is another PTS group. For details on making files available to other users see Allowing Access to Files in AFS.

To manage a PTS group, you’ll be using several commands (see below), which you’ll need to type at a Unix or Linux command line. Be sure to change the italicized text in each command as follows. Replace:

  • ownerid with the designation of the group’s owner (Unity ID if the owner is an individual)
  • groupname with the name of the group
  • memberid with the Unity ID of the person you are adding to or removing from the group

Create a group:
Type: pts creategroup ownerid:groupname
NOTE: The owner’s ID and the group’s name are connected with a colon.

Add a user to a group:
Type: pts adduser memberid ownerid:groupname

Remove a user from a group:
Type: pts removeuser memberid ownerid:groupname

List the members of a group:
Type: pts mem ownerid:groupname