OIT Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Our Commitment

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is committed to creating and fostering an inclusive, equitable and welcoming environment built on a foundation of mutual respect where all are treated fairly and with dignity. Our diversity enhances OIT’s collective ability to serve our university and community, making us greater than the sum of our parts. With this understanding, we strive to continually identify and eliminate barriers that prevent the full participation of some groups or individuals while broadening our knowledge and appreciation of the differences and similarities that make each member of the OIT team valuable.

Upcoming Events

The 2023 Sisterhood Dinner theme is Re-envisioning an Equitable Workplace. 

Sixty years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act, true equity in the workplace remains elusive. Women continue to make less than their male counterparts, in general, while disparities in pay disproportionately impact women of color. At the same time, women – particularly women of color – have been expected to take on the invisible labor of mentorship, volunteer work, and other uncompensated roles within the academy. As we celebrate the 38th anniversary of the Sisterhood Dinner, our theme, “Re-envisioning an Equitable Workplace,” seeks to redefine how the University bridges the pay gap among its employees, equitably compensates for “invisible” labor, and honors and values the unique contributions of women across NC State University.   sisterhooddinner@ncsu.edu


DEIB Workgroups

DEIB website

  • Integrate DEIB related information from across campus
  • Share OIT DEIB related news and updates
  • Maintain the website

Communications/Sharing Resources

  • Communicate within OIT about DEIB resources and campus opportunities
  • Maintain a list of DEIB resources for OIT staff

OIT Staff Learning Opportunities

  • Develop training opportunities relevant to managers/supervisors
  • Coordinate OIT-specific training, create groups to discuss resources, etc.
  • Invite guest speakers for OIT and the broader IT community

Engagement Activities

  • Coordinate the Lunch Buddies program
  • Develop resources for OIT New Employee Orientation
  • Develop DEIB recruitment strategies

OIT DEIB Advisory Team

  • Communicate DEIB strategies to IT and OIT leadership that enhance OIT activities
  • Coordinate with other campus diversity organizations

For more information on these groups, contact Karen Horne at klgriffi@ncsu.edu

DEI -N- Technology

We feel it is important to highlight how diversity, equity and inclusion are incorporated into and celebrated in the field of technology. Below you will find articles/resources links that showcase DEI in technology.


Campus-Wide Diversity Event Calendar

  • One stop integrated University DEIB calendar (hosted by OIED) of events.
  • Submit your DEIB event for ad hoc or recurring event and activities.
  • https://diversity.ncsu.edu/calendar/

DEIB Resources

Movies, books, podcasts and other media. Please share these resources with other staff. 


DEIB Affinity Groups & Partners