Governance Entity Definitions


Name Focus Description/Responsibilities
Committee Governance, Policy Oversight group which makes policy recommendations at the appropriate level (Committees may exist at several levels). Membership is composed of positions typically at the director level or higher with decision making authority.


Name Focus Description/Responsibilities
Subcommittee Governance, Policy Smaller group of a committee that focuses on a specific topic or responsibility of the committee.  Specifies recommendations to a committee on a specific topic which includes strategic implementations.  Membership is comprised of subject matter experts.


  • Committees and subcommittees may establish subgroups.
  • Subgroups may establish other subgroups. For instance, a working group may establish a task force.
  • The type of subgroup should be part of its name for clarity. For example, the Advancement Systems Steering Team.
Name Focus Description/Responsibilities
Task Force Governance, Policy OR Functional, Operational (Single Focus) A time-limited team.  Formed to explore the viability of an endeavor or arrive at some recommendation or conclusion about some area.  May evolve into a Working Group.  Membership is comprised of subject matter experts.
Advisory Team Governance, Policy OR Functional, Operational A team formed as needed by a committee, sub-committee or other entity to provide expert advice and recommendations on a specific subject matter.  Membership is comprised of subject matter experts.
Working Group Operational, Functional A team that meets on an ongoing basis to set direction or address issues involving some effort in a specific area.  Membership is comprised of a combination of technical and functional subject matter experts.
Steering Team Operational, Functional Similar to a Working Group, but more focused on setting priorities for projects or tasks undertaken by Project or Service Teams. Membership is comprised of functional subject matter experts and stakeholders/customers.
Project Team Operational (Development) A time limited team formed to plan, develop, test and implement a specific project.  Membership is comprised of a combination of technical/functional subject matter experts and primary stakeholders.
Service Team Operational  (Production) A team of individuals that is responsible for running/providing a specific service on an ongoing basis.  Membership is comprised of staff members with expertise of the identified service components.
Client Group Operational(Production) A team that is formed for information sharing and feedback purposes of a particular environment or services.  Membership is comprised of representatives from identified functional units/areas.  Members are expected to communicate meeting information to respective area.
Interest Group Operational(Production) A community driven, advocacy group of subject matter experts and interested parties whose members come together in support of a common goal or idea, and whom have an interest in working together to influence policies/decision makers. Often comprised of service providers/teams (e.g. those responsible for providing a specific service on an ongoing basis as part of their jobs).