Campus IT Directors Committee Team

Name Area or Organization Represented Date Joined Committee
Kevin Lee College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Feb 2013
Rhonda Conlon College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Extension Jan 2010
Joe McCoy College of Design Jan 2010
Mark Williams College of Education Nov 2017
Keith Boswell College of Engineering Jan 2010
Justin Daves College of Humanities & Social Sciences Jan 2010
Franklin Finch Poole College of Management Aug 2015
Debbie Carraway College of Sciences June 2016
Josh Gira, chair College of Natural Resources Jan 2010
Shawn Dunning College of Textiles Jan 2010
Chris Eichman College of Veterinary Medicine – Computing Resources Oct 2014
Tae Keun “John” Jeon College of Veterinary Medicine – Educational Support Services Dec 2016
Seth Miller University Internal Audit Sept 2018
Lou Harrison Distance Education & Learning Technology Applications Jan 2010
Donna Petherbridge Distance Education & Learning Technology Applications Feb 2010
Leslie Dare Division of Academic & Student Affairs Jan 2010
Jill Sexton, chair elect  NC State University Libraries РAdministration Aug 2015
Emily Lynema, secretary NC State University Libraries – Information Technology Dec 2017
Greg Sparks Office of Information Technology – ComTech Jan 2010
Gwen Hazlehurst Office of Information Technology – Enterprise Applications Services Jan 2010
Stan North Martin Office of Information Technology – Outreach, Communications & Consulting Jan 2010
Mardecia Bell Office of Information Technology – Security & Compliance Jan 2010
Eric Sills Office of Information Technology – Shared Services Jan 2010
Susan West Office of Information Technology – Technology Support Services Jan 2010