IT Strategic Advisory Committee (ITSAC)


The ITSAC is the university-wide, top-level committee of non-IT personnel whose focus is on ensuring that the university makes the best possible decisions in advancing the use of technology to meet its mission, vision and goals. The committee also ensures that changes, new directions and planning is done in a coordinated and collaborative fashion.

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The functionally-focused ITSAC considers all matters brought to it by the Vice Chancellor of Information Technology (VCIT), by the technically-focused Campus IT Directors Committee (CITD), and by its own six subcommittees in the areas of Academic Technology, Client & Application Support, Enterprise Applications, Infrastructure, Research Computing, and Security & Compliance.

The ITSAC is responsible for recommending, advising and providing input to the VCIT on university-wide IT policy and principles, university-wide IT investment, and enterprise business applications activities. Information about these activities will be shared with the CITD for IT infrastructure and IT architecture input.


The ITSAC is comprised of the VCIT (as chair) and one representative of key leadership personnel across the major functional areas of the university, including:

  • Human Resources
  • Financial Activities & Accounting
  • University Treasurer
  • Enrollment Management
  • Provost Office
  • Research & Graduate
  • Libraries
  • Extension & Engagement Council
  • University Advancement
  • Deans’ Council representative
  • Associate Deans for Academic Affairs
  • Associate Deans for Research
  • Business Operations
  • CITD chair
  • Audit representative
  • Office of General Council (OGC) representative

All members recommended to serve on this committee will be approved by the VCIT.


The ITSAC is chaired by the VCIT. The CITD chair, the Audit representative, and the Office of General Counsel representative are non-voting ex officio members.

The Deans’ Council representative will be selected by that council to represent colleges and deans. The Associate Deans for Academic Affairs and the Associate Deans for Research representatives will be selected by the Associate Deans to represent colleges.

This committee has six subcommittees:

  • Academic Technology – responsible for IT activities related to the academic functions of the university
  • Client and Application Support – responsible for oversight of the support of user desktops, application support and user support (Help Desk)
  • Enterprise Applications – responsible for the major enterprise applications that support the major business functions of the university
  • Infrastructure – responsible for ensuring collaboration and the drive for a consistent, effective and efficient infrastructure including, but not limited to, networking and data centers
  • Research Computing – responsible for the activities related to supporting the specialized needs of the research community
  • Security & Compliance – responsible for ensuring university-wide Administrative Procedures for IT Governance for security and adhering to compliance requirements


Meeting Frequency

The committee generally meets twice a semester.

Administrative Procedures

This committee will adhere to the Administrative Procedures for IT Governance. Any new subgroups created must be named using the Governance Entity Definitions for subgroups.