IT Governance Client & Application Support Subcommittee Team

Name Area or Organization Represented Date Joined Subcommittee
Susan West Office of Information Technology – Technology Support Services (OIT-TSS) 03/2012
Emanuel Brunson DELTA 03/2012
Aditya Burkule NCSU Libraries 04/2017
Charles Hunt College of Engineering (CITD rep) 03/2012
Rick Johnson College of Sciences (CITD rep) 03/2012
Trey Murdoch College of Engineering – Dept of Computer Science (CITD rep) 07/2014
Wade Davis HR Systems Dev and Support (Community rep, Enterprise Applications focus) 11/2013
Denise Luken, Secretary College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Community rep) 03/2012
Mark Williams, Co-Chair College of Education (Community rep) 03/2012
Danny Davis, Co-Chair OIT, Technology Support Services 03/2012
Crystal Tenan, XO (Voting) Chair, Accessibility Working Group
Bill Coker, XO (Voting) Chair, Software Working Group 03/2012
Josh Gira, XO (Voting) Chair, Active Directory Policy Working Group
Everette Allen, XO (Voting) Chair, MacTech/MacPolicy working groups 03/2012
Garrett Hobbs, XO (Voting) Chair, Technology Support Tools and Processes Working Group