ITSAC – Research Computing Subcommittee (ITSAC-RC)


The Research Computing Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Information Technology Strategic Advisory Committee (ITSAC) and is focused on high performance computing and related services issues with a charge to:

  • Make policy and operational guideline recommendations to the IT Strategic Advisory Committee (ITSAC) and technical and technology recommendations to the Campus IT Directors Committee (CITD).
  • Make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology (VCIT) and the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies as appropriate.
  • Review and recommend policies, priorities, and strategic objectives for research computing services provided by the Office of Information Technology (OIT).
  • Seek to align the policies allocating of OIT research computing resources with the university’s strategic priorities.
  • Provide guidance in coordinating the university’s research computing resources and strategy with broader regional and national research computing activities.

View the operational pages for this subcommittee: TeamMeetingsDocuments.


The Research Computing Subcommittee is charged with considering the following topics:

  • Services
  • Level of service
  • Budget priorities
  • Resource allocation
  • Funding models


The Research Computing Subcommittee is comprised of one representative appointed by each of the following people:

  • Deans of each college
  • Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business
  • Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies
  • Vice Provost and Director of Libraries
  • Academic IT Directors (AITD) Committee
  • Executive Director of the Institute for Computational Science and Engineering (ICSE)

Additional committee members may be appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology with the approval of the committee to represent constituents not otherwise represented on the committee.

Terms will generally begin September first and run for two years. Appointments to fill positions that become vacant mid-term will be for at least two years ending on the first August thirty-first at least two years after the date of the appointment.

All members recommended to serve on this subcommittee will be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology (VCIT).


The Research Computing Subcommittee has a chair who:

  1. Is selected by the committee from among the college representatives.
  2. Serves a two-year term, and may not serve consecutive terms. However a member who has previously served as chair is eligible to be selected as chair provided they are not currently serving in that role.
  3. With approval of the subcommittee, may create ongoing subgroups (e.g., working groups, steering teams) or time-limited subgroups (e.g., task forces, project teams), which should be chaired by member or the subcommittee, but may include members who are not on the subcommittee.
  4. May request OIT staff assistance for committee work from the VCIT.

This subcommittee currently has no subgroups. Any new subgroups created must be named using the Governance Entity Definitions for subgroups.


Meeting Frequency

The Research Computing Subcommittee will meet twice annually at a minimum, once during fall semester, and once during spring semester. The chair may schedule additional meetings as necessary.

Administrative Procedures

This subcommittee will adhere to the Administrative Procedures for IT Governance.