Vice Chancellor for Information Technology (VCIT) and CIO


The VCIT and the CIO is one person, currently Dr. Marc Hoit, who is appointed by the chancellor and whose focus is on:

  • Improving the IT governance on campus to include input and collaboration on decisions and directions for IT.
  • Developing a strategic operations plan for the central IT organization that will focus on providing services to the university that are more efficient, effective and responsive to its  customers.
  • Developing a strategic plan for campus that involves all the units, groups and constituents and that infuses IT into the fabric of university.

Throughout the remainder of this document, the VCIT & CIO will be referred to simply as the VCIT.


The VCIT considers all topics brought forward to him from the major groups that report to and advise him:

  1. IT Leadership Committee (ITLC)
  2. IT Strategic Advisory Committee (ITSAC) – [Functional Focus]
  3. Campus IT Directors Committee (CITD) – [Technical Focus]
  4. ITSAC Subcommittees (Academic Technology, Client & Application Support, Enterprise Applications, InfrastructureResearch Computing, and Security & Compliance)
  5. Faculty, Staff and Student Input

The VCIT will approve recommended members for all committees, councils and subcommittees in the governance structure.