Cultivate a Collaborative IT Culture

strat-plan-180-eng-instruments-007Goal 5: Cultivate a Collaborative IT Culture

The university will foster a culture in which the IT community works effectively across boundaries to address IT challenges, assisted by an effective IT governance structure.


The IT community must continue to find ways to improve the delivery of services and infrastructure to the university community. Through collaboration, central and unit IT staff will address issues affecting units and the enterprise.


5.1  Create an environment that fosters and rewards collaborative efforts.

Create an environment that promotes shared efforts for the successful completion of IT projects across existing organizational boundaries, encouraging collaboration and innovation.

5.2  Develop new models of information sharing and communication that encourage collaboration.

Define and implement strategies for cross-unit idea sharing and professional development.

5.3  Incorporate stakeholder input into IT actions and decision making.

Purposefully solicit regular input from IT stakeholders, keeping them informed about IT services, projects and progress. Develop mechanisms for expanding, acquiring and creating products and new applications of technology to meet university stakeholder needs.