Foster Connectedness of Communities

strat-plan-connectedness_180-dsc_4127Goal 6:  Foster Connectedness of Communities

Provide tools and technology-rich physical and virtual spaces that support meaningful connections across university communities.


Student, faculty and staff success depends on making meaningful connections and working together. Use of social media is already deeply embedded in how we communicate and work. Technology and our environment can enable formation of new communities of interest, foster a feeling of connectedness across geographic or other boundaries and enable students to get the most out of their NC State education.


6.1 Support topic-based communities across boundaries.
Leverage IT to build and grow connections among people from different organizations, interests and disciplines.

6.2 Leverage social media to inform, educate and advocate connections.
Envision how social media can more effectively enable meaningful connections across communities, from teaching to learning to research.

6.3 Improve spaces to enable collaborative work.
Renew and create spaces that leverage technology to enable and maximize collaboration, communities and student success.

6.4 Provide incentives for faculty to use IT to increase interdisciplinary collaboration.
Support and reward activities, accomplishments and innovation.