Leverage Data

strat-plan-data-180-binary-wolf-2Goal 2:  Leverage Data

Enhance the access, usability, security and utilization of data resources to advance research and decision making.


Data is a key component for future learning, research and decision making. Data must be easily accessible to a diverse community of users to enhance all aspects of the university mission. Tools for analytics, sharing and visualization will enhance the experience and success of all users. As an invaluable resource, data must be secure, discoverable and preserved to facilitate appropriate availability.


2.1  Provide a robust data-management cyberinfrastructure.

Provide software, sufficient storage and computational capacity for the range of current and emerging campus needs. Create policies to store, curate, preserve, ingest, protect, access and dispose of data across data life cycles.

2.2  Deploy tools for data analysis.

Address the differing university academic, research and business needs. Provide appropriate training, consulting and analysis tools for stakeholders to recognize and extract useful interconnections from available data.

2.3  Achieve recognized leadership in data-based decision-making.

Share best practices and novel approaches in analytics, both internally and externally.