Maintain and Enhance University Cyberinfrastructure

Goal 3:  Maintain and Enhance University Cyberinfrastructurestrat-plan-phys-masterplan-180

Provide a core IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, people and facilities, that is secure, resilient and adaptable to meet the current and anticipated future needs of the university community.


Enhancing and sustaining campus cyberinfrastructure is critically important as the foundation to support research, teaching, learning and operations. We must ensure that the IT infrastructure is reliable, robust, secure, easy to use, and ubiquitous, and that IT staff and services can be easily leveraged in support of NC State’s strategic priorities. Simultaneously, we must look ahead to provide the next generation of cyberinfrastructure to help NC State remain on the forefront.


3.1  Establish and implement a Master Plan for cyberinfrastructure. Address current and anticipated IT requirements, including hardware, software, people and facilities to support the academic, research, outreach and business activities of the university. Include systematic evaluation of and process for addressing the greatest potential vulnerabilities; e.g. capacity, security, resiliency, compliance and staff retention. Review and update the Master Plan on a regular basis to reflect changing campus needs and advances in technology.

3.2  Maintain and enhance campus networks. Assess and augment the network regularly to ensure sufficient capacity to support the current and anticipated needs of the university.

3.3  Commit to ongoing professional development of the IT community.  Create and maintain an environment that promotes the development of the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to successfully navigate a dynamically changing IT environment, encouraging professional growth and contributing to attracting and retaining top employees.

3.4  Communicate available cyberinfrastructure. Better define current and upcoming IT services and resources so they are easier to find and use by both the IT and campus communities.