Optimize IT Resources through Governance

Goal 4: Optimize IT Resources through Governancestrat-plan-table-group-180

NC State will use IT governance processes to acquire, develop and allocate IT resources—both finances and people—needed to provide the robust IT services required to achieve the university’s vision and strategic priorities.


To emerge as a preeminent technological research university, as our vision states, requires investing in technology. Viewing campus resources holistically is critical to ensuring that NC State’s strategic priorities can be addressed. Effective IT governance enables us to take an institutional approach in assessing common interests and optimizing both financial allocations and human resources.


4.1  Implement an ongoing IT governance structure review process.
Governance structures and processes must be high functioning and align with strategic goals, with changes made as needed.

4.2  Align resources with identified institutional priorities, including optimal distribution of functions and services among core, distributed and edge.
Leverage governance to ensure all IT effort across the institution is dedicated to identified priorities and develop channels to move services from the edge to the core or vice versa.

4.3 Develop and ensure appropriate funding for IT that reflects IT’s increasing contribution to the university mission.
Identify and secure new funding sources and reduce reliance on one-time funding for existing and needed cyberinfrastructure by developing sustainable funding sources to address critical IT requirements for the total cost of ownership.