IT Strategic Plan Initiatives

The IT Strategic Implementation Planning Teamthumb150_IEI-interactive wall-orig_0 completed its review of the past strategic planning activities, solicited community feedback, and developed a set of recommended initiatives that have been presented to the CIO.

The process of prioritization was guided by both alignment with the strategic goals of the University and the ability to have a balanced investment in both administrative and academic needs. The initiatives are foundational; providing the basis for the tactical implementation of technology solutions while ensuring that an integrated process of IT management is in place to support University growth in an effective and efficient manner. In addition, the Team believes that many other initiatives that are currently in progress are synergistic with these initiatives.

The six first-round Initiatives and the individuals facilitating them:

  1. Develop Cyber Infrastructure Master Plan – Greg Sparks
  2. Create Service Catalog – Susan West
  3. Refine IT Governance – Debbie Carraway
  4. Maximize ServiceNow – Susan West
  5. Optimize Space Utilization with Technology – Lisa Keel
  6. Transform Data and Analytic Resources – Mary Lelik

Next Steps

The initiative facilitators and their teams have been developing project plans and providing regular updates to the Implementation Steering Team. Updates will be provided on the initiative pages linked above, as well as the Implementation Process page. The steering prepared an interim report (PDF) and presented it to Dr. Hoit in May 2018.