Cyber Infrastructure Master Plan IT Strategic Initiative


The development of a Cyber Infrastructure Master Plan provides a foundation and a methodology for routinely evaluating existing systems or services for cost comparisons and alignment with changing needs and advances in technology.  The plan will take into account constraints and risk mitigation strategies as it develops a roadmap for technology infrastructure, starting with compute resources, networking, storage and security as cornerstones. 

The Master Plan will be forward looking; assessing new technologies for “fit” with the strategic goals of the University. The Plan will serve as a “living document” that is owned by the CIO, who is ultimately responsible for the Plan.


Current progress has been slowed on this project, to focus energies more on the Service Catalog/Portfolio initiative.

During the 2015-16 year, a team composed of Greg Sparks, Mladen Vouk, Chris Eichman, Donna Petherbridge and Eric Sills met and brainstormed processes for creation of the master plan. The team worked with the OIT Interns to carry out focus groups with key campus stakeholders to gather information and perform a gap analysis of cyberinfrastructure. That information is being processed and used to develop a framework.