Transform Data & Analytic Resources IT Strategic Initiative


The Transform Data and Analytic Resources initiative is focused on developing a university-based analytical service and data hub that leverages current data repositories. There are a wide variety of databases (Enterprise and Academic) throughout the University. The ability to access these data will provide the opportunity for the community to develop knowledge based on their field of interest. The initiative will also develop a common data vocabulary and  governance model to bridge the gap between functional data owners at the institutional level.


Significant progress has taken place over the year on a number of fronts, with Mary Lelik leading this initiative. The data hub is in the process of being constructed, focusing first on pulling together student data resources. The student success-related projects underway include the EAB student success collaborative, with OIRP partnering with DASA, OIT and the Provost’s Office, the Open Academic Analytics Initiative model with DELTA and OIRP working with data from the learning management system, and the piloting of the data hub using SAS Visual Analytics.

Creation of a data dictionary is underway that will highlight available university data sets.

Finally, early discussions are taking place to explore the potential use of data visualizations using a network analysis to see if diagnostics can be strengthened for advising support to improve student success.