Redesign IT Governance IT Strategic Initiative


The review and refinement of the current IT governance processes is an initiative that focuses on the evolution of IT and the community it serves. The goal is to develop a more effective and efficient governance model with clearly defined roles and responsibilities that may include simplifying committee structures, leading to expedited reviews, recommendations, and decisions. In addition to more clearly defining the governance process–versus advising or oversight of areas that are operational in nature–this initiative will attempt to ensure that key stakeholders are involved in any refined governance processes.


The IT Governance Redesign was released to the university community February 27, 2018.

  • The new design aligns IT governance with the mission and business of the university rather than organizing by technology domains.
  • A key change is the separation of governance functions from service advisory and service operations functions and a proposed framework for these non-governance functions.
  • In addition, the steering team produced a supplementary report clarifying the relationship of IT governance to information security governance.
  • The next phase of the project will be the Mechanics phase, which will include:
    • Developing charters and membership for the IT governance committees/subcommittees
    • Completing work on a scorecard which can be used by service owners and/or the campus community to determine when a project or policy should seek IT governance review
    • Developing the business/administrative processes needed to create a sustainable and successful IT governance process.