Service Catalog IT Strategic Initiative


The creation of a Service Catalog/Portfolio is an effort to collect and document all of the IT inventory and services in place throughout the University. This will be a collaborative effort requiring participation of all with IT responsibilities in the University, though initially, the focus will be with services OIT provides. The goal of the Initiative is to provide a common repository of IT services and systems available to all members of the University. The end state is a more efficient and effective use of University resources that address real or perceived gaps in the systems required by the University.


At the start of the 2016-17 year, a renewed emphasis has been placed on making progress with this project. A small team has been meeting to evaluate options for gathering and processing the information needed to build the catalog. The team is meeting at least monthly and recently has been discussing the possibility of bringing in an outside contractor for some high-level service planning assistance. The team also made an initial pass at service planning, with each unit represented charged with mapping out one service. Responses were varied but all involved saw that it was easier than anticipated, once a service could be narrowed down appropriately. OIT leadership has agreed for each unit to develop a list of services it provides using an agreed-upon template, with the goal of having this completed in early May.