Technology Use in University Spaces IT Strategic Initiative


Optimizing Space Use with Technology is a supportive initiative that makes use of the systems and data information available within IT to help with planning of new or renovated teaching, learning, research and collaborative spaces required by the University. Work on this initiative will include the review and updating of university space standards and construction guidelines to incorporate technological best practices. Additionally, it will establish priorities and a funding model to support standard and emerging technologies for spaces on campus, with a focus on collaborative spaces that provide more flexible and responsive solutions to learning and research needs. The initiative will result in a dynamic set of standards that bridges IT technology with physical configuration of facilities that can adapt as needs and technologies change.


May 25, 2018, from the Interim Report

Facilities formed a committee in mid-2016 with staff from Capital Project Management and IT groups to identify various public spaces that need connections to technology and to develop construction standards modeled after the Facilities’ Design & Construction Guidelines.

  • The committee is writing the Baseline Design & Construction Guidelines, for use by in-house and consultant designers.
  • The guidelines being reviewed by this committee incorporate links to existing campus standards for ClassTech, ComTech, DELTA, and DASA.
  • Spaces that need technology connections include Common Spaces, Offices, Residence Halls, Labs, Classrooms, Libraries, Dining Spaces, Athletic/Gym facilities, etc.  

Based on the new baseline standards, the committee will facilitate efforts to identify which aspects of the new standards should be incorporated into new building or renovation requirements and whether they’re required or optional.

In parallel, identify funding required to bring various categories of spaces to the new baseline standards and determine the process for prioritizing funding requests to maximize strategic benefit.

April 5, 2017

A multi-step process will be used to develop or augment existing standards for the various space types. Consideration will be given to exploring applications of draft standards and ideas for anticipated new construction, e.g. the Plant Sciences and EB Oval buildings.

A first draft of the standards has been written and reviewed by the committee in March. Edits will be incorporated for further review. An emphasis has been to refer to existing standards, such as the classroom technology standards. As chair, Lisa Keel is also gathering input from several other campus stakeholders, including the Libraries.