University IT Strategic Plan Teams

IT Strategic Plan Implementation Steering Team

Mike Kowolenko
Professor, Poole College of Management
Mary Lelik
Senior Vice Provost, Institutional Research and Planning
Greg Sparks, Chair
Director, OIT Communication Technologies
Keith Boswell
Director of Technology (ITECS), College of Engineering
Donna Petherbridge
Assoc. Vice Provost for Instructional Technology
Support and Development – DELTA
Leads of the First Round Initiatives also serve on the steering team.

Members of the Campus IT Directors and IT Strategic Advisory Committee as well as those who serve on the IT Governance subcommittees were key participants in the creation of the IT Strategic Plan and are integral in helping implement it.


IT Strategic Planning Process Steering Team

Name Area or Organization Represented
Kristin Antelman, Associate Director for the Digital Library CITD and NCSU Libraries
Jack Colby, Facilities-Directors Office
Asst. VC for Facilities Operations
Finance & Business, Facilities
Pete Evans, College of Physical and Math Sciences-Dean’s Office
Director, Computing and Information Systems (retired, December 2013)
CITD College Representative
Stan North Martin, Director, OIT Outreach, Communications & Consulting Convener
Donna Petherbridge, Leadership Policy & Adult & Higher Education
Associate Vice Provost for Instructional Technology Support and Development
Student Representative
Phillip Westmoreland, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Exec Dir, Inst for Computational Sci & Eng; Prof, Chem & Biomol Eng


Tina Bennefield and Nathan Smith served as consultants for the Process Steering Team.

Committee Charge from Dr. Marc Hoit