Apple Lab Kits

In Fall semester 2014 the OIT Unity Lab OS X devices had their software refresh done with the following steps:

1) NetBoot from nuke.nbi (actually nukeunity.nbi) in the OIT Netboot service which formatted the entire boot hard disk, and did a NetInstall of OS X 10.9.4 to create a “factory” install.
2) ARD and the Casper agent were installed with as First Run installers and the devices automatically rebooted to pave.nbi
3) Casper Imaging then ran automatically  and completed basic nameing and AD binding.
4) After that a functional base machine was ready for use while the following policy was run in the background:


script Run Script
pkg Install NCSU-OIT-Adminlauncher LaunchAgent.pkg
pkg Install NCSU-OIT-AdminLauncher_Prefs_FA2014.pkg
pkg Install NCSU-OIT-JMP Pro 11.pkg
pkg Install
pkg Install
pkg Install NCSU-Global-Office_2011sp3_Installer.pkg
pkg Install NCSU-OIT-4SetNetworkTimeServer.pkg
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-Audacity-
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-AutoCAD_2012.dmg
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-Cn3D4.3.dmg
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-FileZilla_3.7.0.2.dmg
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-Geometers Sketchpad 4.0.7.dmg
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-Google Notifier 1.10.7.dmg
pkg Install NCSU-OIT-Google Voice and
pkg Install
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-KeyServer K2 Client 6.1.dmg
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-Logout App.dmg
pkg Install
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-Maple_17.dmg
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-Mathematica_9.0.1.dmg
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-MathType6.0.dmg
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-Matlab_R2013a.dmg
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-mms.cfg.dmg
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-NCSU Google Docs.webloc.dmg
pkg Install NCSU-OIT-OracleJava7-
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-PCClient 14.1.dmg
pkg Install
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-Remote Desktop Connection 2.dmg
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-Seashore0.5.1.dmg
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-Sidebar.dmg
dmg Install NCSU-OIT-Text_Wrangler_4.5.2_3300.dmg
pkg Install
pkg Install
pkg Install UNCWide-AutoPKG-Firefox-31.0.pkg
pkg Install UNCWide-AutoPKG-GoogleChrome-36.0.1985.143.pkg
pkg Install UNCWide-AutoPKG-GoogleEarth-
pkg Install UNCWide-AutoPKG-iMovie-10.0.4.pkg
pkg Install UNCWide-AutoPKG-iPhoto-9.5.1.pkg
pkg Install UNCWide-AutoPKG-Numbers-3.2.pkg
pkg Install UNCWide-AutoPKG-Pages-5.2.pkg
pkg Install UNCWide-AutoPKG-RStudio-0.98.1049.pkg
pkg Install UNCWide-AutoPKG-XQuartz-2.7.6.pkg
pkg Install UNCWide-BashUpdateMavericks.pkg
pkg Install NCSU-OIT-Dec2014_JMP_License.pkg
pkg Install
swu Install all available SWUs
printer install WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite
printer install WolfPrint-Color
security Set Open Firmware/EFI Password
plist Fix ByHost Files
delete Flush System and User caches
script Run Script NCSU-OIT-Supress_iCloud_at_Login
script Run Script
recon Update Inventory
reboot Change startup disk to Current
reboot Reboot immediately if nobody is logged in
reboot Reboot immediately if somebody is logged in
message If rebooting, display message ‘This computer will reboot NOW!!’ to end user