TurningPoint offers multiple ways for students to participate in classroom polls.

The clickers used at NC State have raised buttons that allow visually disabled students to participate in polls, once they have been oriented to the layout of the clicker. However, visually disabled users will not be able to confirm that their response has been received, because that confirmation is only conveyed visually on the display.

Turning Technologies also offers ResponsWare, a web-based version of their clicker. At this time, ResponseWare will cause problems for visually disabled students; however, students with certain mobility impairments may find it easier to use ResponsWare instead of the physical clicker.

Caution – Using Clickers for Grading

If you are using clickers in any type of testing environment, you will need to especially consider any student who receives extended time on testing. If clickers are used in the middle of class to record responses as part of students’ grades, then allowing a student extra time would mean stopping the rest of class and drawing attention to that student. In this case, you must provide alternative and equitable ways of assessing either the individual student or the entire class.