Bulk Tagging of Structured PDF Documents

Structured PDF documents are often automatically generated for authoring tools or created using some server side tools such as PDFfactory. The Adobe Acrobat batch process feature can be used to process and convert these documents into tagged format. This feature allows you to select options for the input and output files/folders and for naming the output files

To Create a Batch Process

  1. In Adobe Acrobat,from the menubar, select Advance > Batch Processing > New Sequence.
  2. Name the Sequence, for example “Accessibility.”
  3. From the Edit Sequence Dialog box select “Select Commands” button.
  4. To the right column, add commands Accessibility Checker and Make Accessible and select OK.
  5. Select the folders for input and output files
  6. Select OK. This will save the batch process sequence

To run a Batch Process

  1. In Adobe Acrobat, select Advance > Batch Processing
  2. Select Make Accessible sequence
  3. Select Run Sequence

This process is similar to adding tags manually to a document. As this process will not add alternative text to images, convert visual elements into Artifacts nor move floating objects in the tag tree, the document may need to be edited manually.