Working with Adobe Acrobat

While both Standard and Professional versions of Adobe Acrobat can be used to generate a tagged PDF file, only theĀ Professional version has the capability to edit and repair tags and use the other accessibility features. Accessible (tagged) PDF documents are generated by:

  • Saving documents as tagged PDF formats from source documents creating in MS Word, OpenOffice and other Adobe authoring tools. (WebAim Acrobat Techniques)
  • Adding tags to structured (searchable electronic document)
    • Open PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Professional
    • Tag document by selecting Advance > Accessibility > Add Tags to Document from the menubar. The document will now be tagged
    • Check for Accessibility by selecting Advance > Accessibility > Full Check from the menubar
    • Make anyrequired changes and edits to the tag tree
    • Re-check for Accessibility
  • Converting unstructured (image) into a tagged document. Before a documented can be converted into an accessible tagged document, a scanned (image) must be converted into a searchable electronic format. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is used to convert text into electronic format. The clarity and resolution of the image will affect the accuracy of the recognition and the document will need to be edited for recognition errors. This can be done in a couple ways:
    • Option 1: Process within Adobe Acrobat open the image-only PDF document and use the Recognize Text Using OCR featture to convert the text
    • Option 2: Process document using any commerical OCR software, save document as MS Word document, edit and format the document as an accessible document and save as tagged PDF format.

Test Document for Accessibility

  • Open the tagged PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • Select Advance > Accessibility > Quick Check or Full Check. This will generate a report of any issues with the document.
  • Cleck on the issues to correct or correct read-order in the tag tree
  • Select View > Read Out Loud to check for how the document will read with audio output

Editing the Tag Tree

  • Open Tags pane (View > Navigation Tags > Tags).
  • From the Options menu select Highlight Content (Options > Highlight Content)
  • In the Tag pane, open the Tags Tree
  • As each tag in the tree is opened it will will display the list of items within that branch <heading >, <para>, <TextBox> and <Shape> etc.
  • To move a floating object, right click on <TextBox> and move it up the tree to the correct location on the tag tree
  • To convert an object into an Artifact, open the <Shape> tag in the tree and right click on Object; then select Change Tag to Artifact from the Options Menu
  • To enter alternative text, open the < Inline Shape>, right click on the Object; select Properties from the options menu and enter description