Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much do OIT workshops cost and who can sign up?
    OIT workshops are free and available to faculty, staff, students and retirees of NC State University.
  2. How do I register for a workshop?
    Once you’ve logged in to the REPORTER registration system, click the name of the workshop you want to attend for a description and listing of scheduled dates. Review any required pre-requisites and click the “Enroll Now!” button.
  3. Where are the workshops held?
    Most of our workshops are held in the Avent Ferry Technology Center. Once you find a workshop in REPORTER, click to select the instance title for more information, including location.  This information is also provided in your confirmation email once you register for the workshop.
  4. How do I cancel my registration to a workshop?
    Log-in to the REPORTER Registration System and click the “My Courses” tab . This will provide a list of registrations. Click “View Details” next to the workshop you no longer plan to attend. Then click the “Drop This Course” Button.  Enter in the “Drop Reason” and click “Drop”.
  5. Does REPORTER have a wait list?
    Yes. If the workshop is full and a waitlist is available, you will see  an option to “Add to Waitlist”.  Click this link to be added to the waitlist.  You will receive an email message confirming your spot on the waitlist. You will also get an email message if you are moved from the wait list to the official class roll.
  6. What if the workshop is full?
    If the workshop and it’s wait list is full, you will see “This instance is full.” next to the scheduled date. If there is a waitlist available, select the option “Add to Waitlist”.
  7. What should I bring to the workshop?
    Registrants should check to see if handouts are provided for each workshop:

    • Log-in at our REPORTER registration site
    • Click My Courses
    • Click the name of the workshop
    • Look for a link under the Workshop Handouts section of the page.

    If there are no links under the Workshop Handouts section, you can assume that the instructor will bring all necessary materials to the class.

  8. Can I just show up to a workshop without registering?
    To make sure our workshops run smoothly from the beginning, we ask that you register prior to the workshop.


Visit REPORTER for a complete list of OIT workshops.