What is SortSite?

SortSite is a tool by PowerMapper that allows you to evaluate your Web site for accessibility requirements using the WCAG 2 standards.  The complete list of what SortSite will check for is

  • accessibility issues
  • basic coding errors
  • browser compatibility
  • legal compliance issues
  • search engine optimization
  • valid code standards
  • usability issues

How do I get access to SortSite?

SortSite is available in the VCL and as a locally run program.  We recommend trying Sortsite in the VCL first to see if it meets your needs.  The VCL image name for it is “Accessibility Tool for Web Evaluation.” If you manage a large Web site or find that the VCL version does not meet your needs, please contact the University IT Accessibility Coordinator for a local copy.

What is the difference between the VCL version and the locally installed version?

The VCL version does not remember any settings from one session to the next.  Every time you log in to the VCL version it is like running SortSite for the first time.  To run a basic scan with SortSite, there are very few settings which have to be made.  You also need to make sure to export the results of your scan to your local computer before closing your VCL session.

The locally installed version adds a few extra benefits.

  1. You can schedule unmonitored scans of your site.
  2. SortSite will remember your preferences between sessions, which can be important for larger sites where you might need more granular control over what exactly is scanned within your site.
  3. SortSite will graph a history of your site’s compliance over time.

How do I use SortSite?

Here is a Quick Start Guide for using SortSite.