Outreach, Communications and Consulting - August 2010

Stan North Martin – Outreach, Communications and Consulting  

Throughout July, new students flocked to campus, many with parents in tow, for New Student Orientation. A big percentage of Outreach, Communications and Consulting (OCC) staff, as well as staff from many other OIT units, has been getting the word out about campus IT offerings, computer security, recommendations for new and used computers, cable TV and phone service and lots more. Over the course of the 17 sessions for freshmen and two transfer sessions, staff spoke with thousands of students and parents during welcome receptions, information fairs and sessions with both students and parents.

Earlier in the summer, staff put together another outstanding edition of the Computing@NC State newsletter that all new students and their parents receive. Also, by the time you read this, the OIT Student Services Calendar should be off the presses and into our hands. The calendar provides students living in University Housing and beyond with 12 months worth of information about the services OIT offers, how to get help, how to play it safe with their computer, as well as a listing of many useful campus events. Copies of the calendar and Computing@ NC State are provided in the residence halls. Extras are also available in the Walk-in Center, Hillsborough Building and Avent Ferry Technology Center.

One of the newest features for residents this fall will be the IPTV pilot. Students who sign up for cable television service can now watch more than 25 channels of content via their computers. OCC staff have been collaborating with staff in Communication Technologies (ComTech) and Enterprise Application Services (EAS) to get the pilot rolled out. This service is being evaluated as the replacement for the campus’ aging coaxial cable TV plan.

While OCC has been involved with lots of other activities this summer, another big one has been students’ transition to Google Apps. After a successful beta launch last spring, with more than 8,000 students converting their accounts to Google Apps Education Edition, another 30,000 accounts were migrated over the course of a few weeks this summer. While not without bumps, the reception so far has been overwhelmingly positive. The transition would have been impossible without the incredible efforts of so many people within OIT—and a number of our campus partners as well. A huge thanks to each person who has had a hand in the process.