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Before You Begin
Enroll In Duo
Add and Manage Your Devices
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Before You Begin

  • Be prepared to complete the process in its entirety; review the setup process and learn more about Duo
  • Have your mobile phone, tablet, or U2F key with you
    • Mobile phones must be able to receive SMS text messages.
    • For more information on U2F keys, visit What is a security key?
  • If you are using a smartphone or tablet, make sure you know how to install apps and have enough free space
  • For more information, consult the Duo Enrollment Guide

Enroll in Duo

You must have at least one device (mobile phone, tablet or U2F key) to begin. If you are not already enrolled in Duo:

  1. Visit the Duo Enrollment page and log in with your NC State Unity ID and password.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the enrollment process.


Add & Manage Your Devices

After you have enrolled your first device, you can add more devices and manage your existing devices.

Please Note: At NC State, the link to add or manage devices is not available at the Duo authentication prompt (as shown in Duo’s enrollment guides).

  • To add or manage devices, visit the Duo Enrollment page and log in with your NC State Unity ID and password.
  • For more information about adding devices, see Duo’s Adding a New Device guide.
  • For more information about managing your existing devices, see Duo’s Managing Your Devices guide.





About Duo Security

Duo adds Two-Factor Authentication to login systems such as Shibboleth, which provides access to MyPack Portal and WolfWare.

Duo Security adds Two-Factor Authentication to services that facilitate login, most notably Shibboleth. Shibboleth login is used across campus and in critical services, like MyPackPortal and WolfWare. When you activate Duo, you will be required to log in with both your password and then an additional security measure, such as a code delivered via text or mobile app; USB security key; or a push (or pop-up) notification on your smartphone.

Authentication Methods

  • Duo Mobile
    Get the free Duo mobile app for your smartphone or tablet. Just one tap allows you to approve authentication requests or generate codes.
  • Text Message
    Receive passcodes on your phone via SMS text and authenticate by typing them in on the Duo login prompt.
  • U2F USB Security Key
    Any device that is Fido U2F certified can be used with Duo or Google 2-Step Verification in a Chrome browser. OIT has tested and used the following keys:

  • Trusted Computers
    • You can set up a computer that you trust and use frequently for 30 days without needing to use Duo.
    • Depending on the cookie settings in certain browsers, you may need authenticate using Duo more often.


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