Security Resources

  • ComTech Net-Info List
    You can notify campus about a major security problem by posting it to this list. For details, see Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the net-info-list.
  • LAN Administrators List
    When there is a problem with a host for which an owner is not identified, notify the appropriate person on this LAN Administrator List.
  • The SANS Institute
    This organization offers free subscriptions to several useful mailing lists.
    See Computer Security News/Newsletters for details.
  • CERT Coordination Center
    The Cert Division has fairly good information about computer security issues but tends to be somewhat slower in publishing because they review more thoroughly and work to get vendor solutions, patches or fixes beforehand.
  • Security Focus
    Security Focus offers subscriptions to several security-related mailing lists including Bugtraq. Many of these lists can get very technical in their discussions. Some of them have high traffic, especially just after the revelation of a new (or seemingly new) exploit.
  • Free Tools

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